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Witch Mountain @ Mississippi Studios_Wing of the Lord

Witch Mountain performs at Mississippi Studios CD release show.
Tim Scotten: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

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A Successful Fundraiser to Send the Jefferson Dancers to China!

Tim Scotten - Editor, Videographer, Co-director, Co-producer

Fire, proof.

Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family performs a singular creative act of pyromania.

Pyromania -
A type of impulse control disorder, pyromania is an impulse to deliberately start fires to relieve tension and typically includes feelings of gratification ...

Richard, Karl & Tim produced the document. Seth and Ali conceived it. St. Johns hosted it.

The Instigators Episode 6 - Otis Heat

This is an episode of the artists' profile series, "The Instigators"
Tim Scotten - Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

The Instigators presents Child Children

This is an episode of "The Instigators - Indie Music Stories From Street Level" featuring Child Children.
Tim Scotten: Concept, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

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Quasi @ Edgefield

Just a taste of a great performance as Quasi opens the Pavement reunion show.
Tim Scotten: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Deer Tick - Diamond Rings

Deer Tick - Diamond Rings at the Crystal Ballroom Portland Oregon

Otis Heat - Got Goin'

Otis Heat entertains the mob at The White Eagle in Portland.

Africa - Roseland Hunters

The Roseland Hunters at The St. Johns Pub.

Bison Bison 1

Bison Bison blow up Maries in St. Johns

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